NOTE: Should you wish to try out the Source Features survey prior to committing, please submit a ticket with your ArcGIS Online user name and I will happily give you access to the survey!

See the Collect Data via Survey123 solution for instructions to share with anyone who will be collecting data via Survey123. The instructions within the zip file attached to this solution includes these instructions, but also way more than is needed for anyone who will just be using Survey123 to collect day.

UPDATED 5/31/2019

  • Removed limiting Locational Uncertainty Type for Negligible as it was creating a loop and hence problems!
  • Updated manual_distance and manual_dist_unit to include query in required as it was requiring a data response even when the question wasn't displayed, as it wasn't relevant
  • creating point feature class - I don't know what caused it to stop doing that!

UPDATED 5/12/2019:

  • The Location_Use_Class.sql query was updated to eliminate the empty rows, which then results in a successful survey being created. The zip file has been updated with that query.
  • The Tracked_Species.sql query was updated to allow for a search by Common Name or Scientific Name.
  • The survey spreadsheet has been updated to accommodate:
    • search by Common or Scientific Name and display the alternate.
    • Locational Uncertainty Type of Negligible only when Locational Uncertainty Distance <=4.5 m
    • prompt for Locational Uncertainty Distance and Distance Unit when location manually set rather than automatically populated.
  • The toolbox has been fixed so the automated process is working now.
  • The 10.3 version of the toolbox is included should you be using an earlier version of ArcGIS than 10.6.1.
  • The documentation has been updated to run the queries and populate the spreadsheet before creating the survey, to avoid errors.
  • Additional explanation has been added to the documentation to explain the tools.
  • The presentation has been updated to reflect the appropriate order.

For questions or problems regarding this, please submit a ticket via the Help Desk or by emailing

The recorded webinar can be downloaded here.

Attached is a zip file containing instructions with everything from installing Survey123 Connect to create the Source Features survey for use by your program, data collection, and using the resulting data, including Bulk Create of SFs/EOs in Biotics. The zip file also contains the survey spreadsheet (for creating the survey) and two toolboxes for use in ArcGIS. These toolboxes run processes which automate the work between downloading the survey results all the way through importing the data into the Bulk Create geodatabase.

Will it meet all our needs? No, of course not, but the attached spreadsheet contains the various functionality desired for the Observation Data Management System and how Survey123 compares.