The Biotics 5 backup files are available for your download from Accellion.  See the Accessing Biotics 5 backups  solution for additional details.

The backup zip file will contain the following:

  • database dump of the deleted schema & log file, in your version of Oracle
  • database dump of the regular schema & log file, in your version of Oracle
  • tablespace_size.log
  • shapefiles of each of the managed layers
Biotics 5 uses Oracle 11g which includes a spatial component enabling your spatial data to be saved within the Oracle 11g database itself.  That being said, you may not use Oracle 11g and so the database dumps must be made for the specific version of Oracle you're using so that the dump files can be successfully imported.  Not all earlier versions of Oracle allow for spatial data and so the spatial data is provided as shapefiles, for your use.

Attached is a zip file containing a number of files to assist in importing the backup files.  Where identified by the Oracle version, you only need to utilize the two files associated with the Oracle version you're using.  Instructions are included in the PDF file.
    • biotics5_tablespaces.sql
    • Import Biotics 5 Database Dumps - Oracle 9i.pdf
    • ImportBiotics5_Oracle9.txt
    • Import Biotics 5 Database Dumps - Oracle 10 & 11.pdf
    • ImportBiotics5_Oracle10or11.txt
    • BIOTICS_DEL_imp.log
    • BIOTICS_USER_imp.log
    • grant_query_on_user.sql
    • Check_invalid.sql & check_invalid_readme.txt