The following is old information. If you are doing a new installation, install the Oracle 12c client according to the instructions found in the Installing Oracle (client & server) solution. Download the newest version of SQL Developer and the linked JDK version indicated that corresponds to the Oracle client you downloaded. For example, download the Windows 32/64bit version of SQL Developer if you have installed the 32-bit Oracle client.


Oracle SQL Developer is installed with the Oracle 11g client and is a very handy tool, similar in functionality to Tora and TOAD.  Unfortunately, the version (very old) which installs with Oracle 11g cannot access mapped network drives on a 64-bit machine.

This is only the beginning of your problems when trying to run SQL Developer on a 64-bit machine using the version (very old) which installs with Oracle 11g.  Save yourself the frustration and download and install SQL Developer 4.0 Early Adopter 3!
  1. Download JDK 7 or above, as required by SQL Developer
  2. Run the downloaded JDK 7 executable to install it, accepting the defaults.
  3. Download the SQL Developer 4.0 EA3 for Windows 32/64-bit
  4. Unzip the downloaded to C:\Program Files\Oracle, or your preferred location.
  5. Double-click sqldeveloper.exe to run it, specifying the path to the Java JDK home was installed, when prompted: C:\Program Files (86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_45.

  6. Within Windows Explorer, right-click on sqldeveloper.exe and Create shortcut, saving it to the desktop.
  • NOTE: If you repoint the existing shortcut within All Programs, you again will not have access to mapped network drives, for whatever reason, whereas you do if you Create shortcut as indicated in Step 6.

For details on using SQL Developer to connect to the Biotics 5 database, see the applicable help topic.