In Biotics 4 Query Builder, you could save a query to an external file with the extension .qry.  Make sure you locate those queries (Query Builder allowed you to select a default folder in which to save them) and preserve them somewhere handy because you can still use them in Biotics 5.

Although you can't retrieve them directly through the Biotics 5 Query Builder interface, you can open the individual .qry file in Notepad and copy and paste the query into Biotics 5.  But you'll need to make some edits because the .qry files also contained html formatting.

  1. Remove the header tags (everything before the word "Select"). For example: <Query><Username>djr</Username><Date>April 29 2013 11:44</Date><Description>find all S1 species</Description><SQL>
  2. Remove the tags at the end: </SQL></Query>
  3. If your query contained the symbol < or >, change the html codes for "less than" (&lt;) and "greater than" (&gt;) back to < and >.

Right now, you can't save new or revised queries directly from B5 Query Builder, but you can copy and paste them into a text editor like Notepad to save and reuse.