Replacing or adding a layer to the SpatialCalculations.gdb will cause spatial attribute calculations to fail until you’ve made the change and restarted the service.  So ask the program to desist editing while the replacement/addition is in progress.

  1. Log into ArcGIS Server Manager as the arcgismanager user.
    • Stop the BioticsGPServices service (so that it doesn’t try to establish a connection to the layer while you’re in the process of making this change).
  2. In ArcGIS Catalog:
    • Delete the existing layer in the SpatialCalculations.gdb
    • Import the new layer into the SpatialCalculations.gdb
  3. In ArcGIS Server Manager:
    • Start the BioticsGPServices service
  4. Verify no spatial calculations have failed in the interim by sorting the SPATIAL_ATTRIBUTE_JOB in descending order by SPATIAL_ATTRIBUTE_JOB_ID.
    • select * from spatial_attribute_job where start_time=SYSDATE AND STATUS='failed' order by spatial_attribute_job_id desc;
    • If any spatial calculations have failed, recalculate them.