One field in EO and three in the Community Characterization tables (COMM_CAG, COMM_CAN, COMM_CAS, and COMM_CAL) were lengthened from 4000 characters to unlimited data in Biotics 5.5, which means the Oracle datatype changed from VARCHAR2 to CLOB.  They are:

EO:                DIRECTIONS




Your data in these fields was not affected, however, any Crystal Reports which reference these fields will need to be updated.  To do so:

  1. Remove the field from the report. 
  2. From the Database menu, choose Set Datasource Location
  3. Within the Current Data Source section of the Set Datasource Location dialog, select the affected table (EO). 
  4. In the Replace with section, select the corresponding table (EO) from the Biotics5 connection (found under the BIOTICS_USER owner). 
  5. Click Update and then Close the window. 
  6. Open the Field Explorer and scroll to the bottom list of fields within the affected table (EO), as it adds the field (DIRECTIONS) to the bottom of the list, for whatever reason. 
  7. Drag the field (DIRECTIONS) onto the report, where it was previously found.