Attached to this ticket is a SQL script for creating extensible tables. This script gives an example of a one to one table and a one to many table as well as an example of a domain table.  An alternative to this is to use the spreadsheet attached to the Extensible section generation tool solution which will generate the scripts for you based on your input.  Once the extensible table has been created in Oracle, create the extensible section via the Administer Extensible Data help topic.

Try to stick with the naming convention your installer has used for naming so when you see a list of all the tables your extensible tables will be listed near the tables they are related to and are easily recognized as extensible given the _STATEABBREVIATION_EXT suffix.  Change MO to your state/province letters.

With the exception of the numeric keys, fields in extensible tables should not be non-nullable. The presence of non-nullable data fields causes false save prompts and other errors (such as the "Either BOF or EOF is true..." error message) when the records with the extensible tabs are opened (even if no edits are made to the extensible fields).

NOTE: See the Administer Extensible Table help topic for greater detail.

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