A program recently reported a problem with one of their extensible tables. They had data in the table, but it would not display on the screen. They could query from the table and enter data into the table, but it would not show on the screen. The table was created properly and had all the necessary entries in supporting tables (HDMS_TABLE). The security settings were all properly assigned to the correct function. All fields showed up, just not the data.

When updating this table, numerous other errors were also received, most notably the dreaded (Either EOF or BOF is true...) message.

To make a long story short, we looked at each field on the tab in the Dynamic Tabs window. We found that the Foreign Key Column dropdown had been populated with the wrong field. Once the dropdown was assigned to the correct field (managed_area_id, in this case), all data in the table displayed as expected. And, more importantly, updates could be saved without the error message.

Moral of the story: if this happens to you, verify that the Foreign Key Column has been correctly defined for the given extensible section within the Administer Extensible Data window.