The message "Extensibility RS_Error: ORA 00904: "DISPLAY ORDER": invalid identifier" appears when trying to open a record with an extensible tab


There could be various causes: 

  • Add a display_order column to any extensible table that appears as a grid on the tab. (Non-grid tabs need no action). 
  • Add a display_order column to domain tables
  • Add all extensible tables (including domain tables) to the HDMS_TABLE table. (See What is the HDMS_TABLE table used for?)
  • Add domain tables to the DOMAIN_TABLES table
  • In the Attributes section of the Manage Extensible Section dialog, add a row for each column in the extensible table. You must add the Primary Key and Foreign Key Columns (specified above the Attributes grid) to the grid so that the extensible section will work; uncheck Visible for those 2 fields so that they are not displayed. 


If you're missing the DISPLAY_ORDER column in a domain table or extensible table which uses grid, add it like this:
alter table D_xxxxx
add (display_order NUMBER NULL);

If either the domain (D) or extensible tables (B) are not in the HDMS_TABLE, add it:
 insert into hdms_table (hdms_table_id, table_name, table_type, audit_comment, next_seq_keyword) values (SELECT MAX(hdms_table_id)+1 from hdms_table), 'D_xxxxxx', 'D', null, null);

If the domain table is not in the DOMAIN_TABLES table, add it:

insert into domain_tables (table_name, primary_key, display_field, action_order) values ('TABLE_NAME', 'PRIMARY_KEY', 'DISPLAY_VALUE', 0);