The message "Extensibility RS_Error: ORA 00904: "DISPLAY ORDER": invalid identifier" appears when trying to open a record with an extensible tab


There could be two causes: First, see the upgrade instructions! After running the database scripts you must manually add a display_order column to any extensible table that appears as a grid on the tab. (Non-grid tabs need no action.)

Second: If you've already added the column to grid tables (or verified that you don't have any) and you still get this message, it is because you have a domain table linked to an extensible table, and the domain table (a) doesn't have a display_order column, and (b) isn't entered in the HDMS_TABLE table. (See What is the HDMS_TABLE table used for?) Biotics requires domain tables to have a display_order column, and the upgrade scripts automatically add one if the domain table is listed in HDMS_TABLE.


Step 1. Find out what domain table is lacking that column, and add it like this:
alter table D_xxxxx
add (display_order NUMBER NULL);

Step 2: Add the domain table to HDMS_TABLE, like this:
insert into hdms_table (hdms_table_id, table_name, table_type, audit_comment, next_seq_keyword) values (SELECT MAX(hdms_table_id)+1 from hdms_table), 'D_xxxxxx', 'D', null, null);