*****This solution only applies to your extensible tables; values in checkbox fields in the rest of the database will not change and you don't have to do anything with them.*****

The Conversion Guide, p. 4, gives instructions for checking the values and datatype of checkbox fields in Biotics 4 extensible tables (also known as indicator fields, name usually ending with _ind). In Biotics 4, the values in these fields had to be 0 or 1 and datatype didn't matter.

However, in Biotics 5 extensible tables, checkbox fields have to be one of the following:

(1) NUMBER datatype with values of 0 or 1

(2) CHAR or VARCHAR2 datatype with values Y or N

In many cases, the fields were created with datatype CHAR and values 0 and 1.  If this is true in your tables, you should change the data prior to converting to Biotics 5. It's easier to change the data than the datatype.

Run these SQL update statements, substituting your extensible table name and checkbox column name.  You should do this right before your conversion because changing the data may cause error messages when you try to save edited data in the extensible table or the record it is attached to.

update EXT_TABLE set checkbox_col = 'Y' where checkbox_col = '1';
update EXT_TABLE set checkbox_col = 'N' where checkbox_col = '0';