As of version 5.8.4, Administer Extensible Data provides functionality for creating the extensible section for use within Biotics 5. As of that release, the attached (Network Member) spreadsheet will only be necessary for Step 1 - creating an Oracle table (whether it be domain, 1 to 1 or 1 to n). Subsequent steps have been hidden as they can much more easily be performed via Administer Extensible Data.

Attached are two spreadsheets to facilitate the creation of extensible tables and sections, one of which applies to Network Members (updated 10/9/2023) whereas the other one applies to NatureServe.  The spreadsheets differ according to the tablespaces utilized within the scripts and permissions so it is important to utilize the appropriate spreadsheet. For more details on creating and modifying extensible tables, see the Administer Extensible Table help topic.

NOTE: Due to conflicts with the java script used by the application, field names within Oracle tables are limited to letters, digits, underscores (_) and dollar signs ($). Use of other characters (i.e. #) will cause odd behavior (i.e. the grid not expanding to allow editing).

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