1. Right click on the Windows Start icon and choose Windows Explorer.

  2. Within Windows Explorer, right click on Computer and choose Add a network location.

  3. Within the Add Network Location dialog, click Next.

  4. Choose a custom network location should be selected by default.Click Next.

  5. Specify the location of the upload website https://tranxfer.natureserve.org/upload/Biotics and click Next.

  6. Enter User name: kindling\upl0ad (0=zero) and Password: welcome2 and click OK.

  7. Accept the default location name or specify a name and click Next.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. Within Windows Explorer, copy the file(s) to the newly created network destination.

  10. Once the file(s) have FINISHED uploading, notify the NatureServe contact to let them know the files are available for downloading.  NOTE: If an attempt to download files is made prior to the completion of uploading, the files will be corrupted and the upload will be required again.