Although there is not a tool in Biotics 5 which enables you to see this directly, below is a workaround for determining this information:

The session_log table holds this information, more or less. The application adds an entry when a user logs in, and updates it when they log out or when their session expires on the server due to half an hour of inactivity. There are a few edge cases in which logouts might not be detected:

  • If a user closes their browser without logging out, their session is still counted as active for half an hour or so.
  • If the application is restarted while somebody is logged in, a logout is never recorded for them. Queries will need to account for old entries, perhaps by just looking at the last week's worth of data.

Here's a query that can be used.

select * from session_log where session_ended is null and session_started >= (current_date - 7) order by session_started