Log into SQL Developer, Tora, Toad or SQLPlus as the biotics_dlink user.
Run the following SQL statements:
set serverout on
exec reround_ranks;


This will look for any ranks WHERE

nvl(rounded_g_rank, ' ') <> round_grank(g_rank) ;

nvl(rounded_n_rank, ' ') <> round_nrank(n_rank) ;

nvl(rounded_s_rank, ' ') <> round_srank(s_rank) ;


and will update and commit any records that satisfy these queries.

NOTE: If you receive the error message "value too large for column…REC_LAST_MOD_USER,” try changing your session’s date format using the following statement, and run the procedure again: alter session set nls_date_format = 'YYYY-MM-DD';