This query finds all ELEMENT_SUBNATIONAL records for SPECIES that have an EO, and the DISTRIBUTION CONFIDENCE is any value other than “confident”: 

  • NT (Never was there)
  • P (Potential)
  • PRF (Potential but false report exists)
  • R (Reported but unconfirmed)
  • RD (Reported but doubtful)
  • RF (Reported but false)


ACTION: Please update information in the ELEMENT_SUBNATIONAL distribution grid and/or update information for the associated EO records.

Additional information about the distribution grid can be found inEnter Distribution Data for Species Elements and Users Guide to the Distribution Data and Subnational Conservation Status Ranks Consistency Validation Function (DDF) 

NOTE:  If the ident = N for all EOs (in query results, manually comparecounts in column EOS_W_IDENT_CONF_QUES and TOT_EOS), it is ok to have an ESTwith the following SRANK and Distribution info: EST -SNA DistGrid:

origin = Native
regularity = regularly-occurring 
dist_confidence != Confident (e.g., reported but unconfirmed, or reported but doubtful)
curr-presence= unknown