This query finds all ELEMENT_SUBNATIONAL records for SPECIES that have an EO, and the DISTRIBUTION CONFIDENCE is any value other than “confident”: 

  • NT (Never was there)
  • P (Potential)
  • PRF (Potential but false report exists)
  • R (Reported but unconfirmed)
  • RD (Reported but doubtful)
  • RF (Reported but false)


ACTION: Please update information in the ELEMENT_SUBNATIONAL distribution grid and/or update information for the associated EO records.

NOTE:  If the ident = N for all EOs (in query results, manually comparecounts in column EOS_W_IDENT_CONF_QUES and TOT_EOS), it is ok to have an ESTwith the following SRANK and Distribution info: EST -SNA DistGrid:
origin = Native
regularity = regularly-occurring 
dist_confidence= reported, but unconfirmed
curr-presence= unknown