Results of the survey and the presentation can be found within the Observation Data Management Feasibility Assessment Results and file within the General Webinars site.

NatureServe is assessing the technical and market feasibility of implementing a shared solution for managing observation data that will meet the needs of the Network. To inform this assessment, we are conducting this brief survey to better understand the current and desired capabilities for observation data management in your program. Please coordinate with other members of your program to provide one representative response per program. The survey will be open until Friday, November 24th, after which time the results will be compiled and shared. Thanks very much for your input!

Attached is a PDF of the survey to facilitate discussion and consolidate a single response prior to responding to the survey online.  I apologize for not remembering to do this initially.


  • If you answer NO to question 3, jump to question 14 on page 6.
  • If you say YES to question 3, skip question 14 and jump to questions 15 & 16 on page 8.

The survey will automatically do this for you.