WHY PERFORM THE QC:  During the local to central data exchange process, all EO records that are marked as "Do Not Exchange", as well as component SF(s), will not be provided to Central. In addition, because of the local to central data exchange process for "groups" of related records, if the "do-not-exchange" EO is involved in a principal/sub relationship, all other principal, sub, and sibling EOs in the record group are also silently excluded from the local-to-central update to NatureServe. (Excluded records do not appear in the import report because they are not exported.) Running the QC and reviewing the records will potentially reduce the number of EO records that are missing from Central. 

WHAT THE QUERY DOES: This query finds EO records where the EO or any related EO records are flagged as "Do Not Exchange" (do_not_exchange_ind = 'Y'). All records that are returned by the query will be excluded from the local-to-central data updates.


Review the results of the query and make any edits (if needed) to values in the do_not_exchange_ind field.