WHY PERFORM THE QC:  The threat impact calculation has been implemented in biotics ranking records, so going forward Calculated Impact will automatically calculate. However, in the past, Calculated Impact was entered by the user so there may be cases where the stored "Calculated Impact" value does not equal the value that is calculated from the Scope, Severity, and Timing values.  These cases will have an error message when the ranking record is opened, but rather than finding these cases in an ad hoc manner, you may wish to identify and resolve all cases at once.  It would also be a good idea to run this QC after importing threat data from the Excel rank calculator.


WHAT THE QUERY DOES: The query finds rows in the Threats Assessment grid for the given level (global, national, subnational), where there is a mismatch between Calculated Impact and Scope/ Severity/Timing.  If a stored "Calculated Impact" value does not equal the value that is calculated from the Scope, Severity, and Timing values, based on the methodology show in http://www.natureserve.org/sites/default/files/publications/files/natureserveconservationstatusfactors_apr12_1.pdf, http://www.natureserve.org/sites/default/files/publications/files/natureserveconservationstatusmethodology_jun12_0.pdf the row is returned.

ACTION: Note that a mismatch may result from an incorrect value in any one of the 4 fields (Calculated Impact, Scope, Severity, Timing); it is not necessarily the Calculated Impact that is incorrect.

Review the ranking records for the elements returned by the query and make the necessary changes.  A message above the Threats Assessment grid in the ranking record will provide further information.  If a Calculated Impact can be calculated, the message will include a button to update the Calculated Impact to the value calculated from the current Scope, Severity, and Timing values. Alternately, modify Scope, Severity, or Timing; impact will automatically be recalculated. 

After you have resolved the mismatches and reviewed the grid, check the Automatically Calculated Overall Threat Impact, Stored Calculated Overall Threat Impact, and Assigned Overall Threat Impact, and make any necessary changes. If the threat review resulted in changes, you may wish to also check Automatically Calculated Rank, Stored Calculated Rank, and Assigned Rank for the element.