WHY PERFORM THE QC:  Threat Impact is calculated from Level 1 threats only (e.g. 7 Natural system modifications).  If a Level 2 or 3 threat (e.g. 7.2 Dams & water management use, 7.2.1 Abstraction of surface water domestic use) is entered without the corresponding Level 1 threat, the Automatically Calculated Overall Threat Impact may be incorrect.

WHAT THE QUERY DOES: The query lists elements (1 row per element) that have one or more cases where a lower level threat is missing the corresponding higher-level threat(s).

ACTION: Review the ranking records for the elements returned by the query and make the necessary changes. Add higher-level threat(s) or delete the lower level threat. (Either option may be correct.) Adjust scope, severity, and timing values as needed.

Note that scope, severity, and timing values roll up to the next higher level threat. This must be done manually if there are multiple subthreats. See online help for more information.

After you have resolved all missing higher threat level(s) and their scope, severity, and timing values, check the Automatically Calculated Overall Threat Impact, Stored Calculated Overall Threat Impact, and Assigned Overall Threat Impact, and make any necessary changes.

If the threat review resulted in a change to Assigned Overall Threat Impact, you may wish to also check Automatically Calculated Rank, Stored Calculated Rank, and Assigned Rank for the element.