An email notifying all programs of impending changes to the IP address for Biotics servers was sent to the two Biotics points of contact on May 24, June 3, and June 6. If you did not act accordingly, at this point:
  1. In the tnsnames.ora file, replace the IP address with your standard URL:
  2. Copy the updated tnsnames.ora file.
  3. Perform a search on the drive where you have Oracle installed for tnsnames.ora and replace each instance, with the exception of that in the sample directory, with the updated copy
     NOTE: Failure to update each tnsnames.ora file so will mean that some or all of your applications connecting to the Biotics database will fail. 
  4. Verify that connecting to the Biotics database in successful via SQLPlus, first, followed by any other third party applications which you use, (i.e. SQL Developer, Crystal Reports, Tora, Toad).
     NOTE: This is imperative because different applications use different versions of the client and may fail if the necessary tnsnames.ora file is not updated.
  5. Copy the updated tnsnames.ora file to each machine which connects to the Biotics database, making sure to replace each instance of the tnsnames.ora file, with the exception of that in the sample folder.
 See the Configuring your connection to Biotics 5 help topic (which has been updated) for more detailed instructions.   If any programs need to bake in our new IP range into firewalls, etc, this is: (