DOWNLOAD the REVISED file (updated 4/10/2020 @ 10:56 AM) 

Changes to come that have not yet been implemented: (thank you for the great suggestions)

  • Update existing SFs with Visit data if SF_ID identified by Observations BLP.tbx
  • Append Observations data to a MASTER Observations geodatabase

Download the file (updated 4/10/2020 @ 10:56 AM) which contain everything from installing Survey123 Connect to creating the Observations survey for use by your program, data collection, and using the resulting data, including Bulk Create of SFs/EOs in Biotics. The zip file contains the survey spreadsheet (for creating the survey) and two toolboxes for use in ArcGIS. These toolboxes run processes which automate the work between downloading the survey results all the way through importing the data into the Bulk Create geodatabase and then recording the resulting Source Feature and Element Occurrence ID in the original Observations geodatabase. NOTE: Testing has revealed that the tools run quicker in ArcGIS Pro, so if performance is an issue and you have Pro...

For questions or problems regarding this, please submit a ticket via the Help Desk or by emailing

NOTE: Should you wish to try out the Observations survey prior to committing, you can take a photo of the following QR code from your desired device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) or use this link. Both will prompt you to install the Survey123 app and then open the Observations survey automatically.

For instructions to share with anyone who will be collecting data via Survey123, see the Collect Data via Survey123 solution which includes a document limited to Installation of Survey123, downloading a survey, and collecting data.


If when running the Bulk Load Prep  Toolbox, you receive the following error: "TypeError: A float is required." :

  1. Right-click on the toolbox and choose Edit.
  2. Search for arcpy.Buffer_analysis(sf_in,sf_out,1) and change it to arcpy.Buffer_analysis(sf_in,sf_out,float(1))