Read Me – Instructions for entering Taxonomic Update Tickets for Central Science

July 20, 2020 - See here for updates made to this document post

Screen shots are available in the following attached document:  Taxonomic update Biotics Support Ticket.doc

Required fields and process:

  1. Create a ticket in Biotics Help, signed in under the Science_Help Agent; add CCs if needed
  2. Subject: Include the genus and species names in the title along with "Taxonomic Update"
  3. Application select "Biotics" from the dropdown
  4. Component select "Taxonomy" from the dropdown – this field only shows up if you've logged in as yourself.  Science_Agent is recommended given there are more options.
  5. Type select "Taxonomic update" from the dropdown
  6. Product select "Biotics" from the dropdown
  7. Description:  Include the following,

i. Briefly describe the taxonomic update

ii. List Global Names of the old taxa and new taxa

iii. Indicate if any of the taxa are of conservation concern

iv. Attach paper or include url if you have these

        8. Tags: Write your name here – so we can track who made what updates overtime

        9. Closing tickets:  Close your ticket when your update is complete (we may add more here)