We will be removing the following views from Biotics Instances: 


These views are being removed because we are removing the capability to export all Managed Records to the data exchange shapefile format. This functionality is no longer needed, and doesn't work correctly under certain circumstances.


To search for other views that might reference these views, please do the following:


  1. Within Query Builder, run the following query:  

Select view_name, text from all_views where owner in ('BIOTICS_USER') and view_name in (select name from all_dependencies WHERE type = 'VIEW' AND referenced_owner = 'BIOTICS_USER' AND referenced_name = 'EO_VIEW_ALL_ATT_DX)

  1. Select HTML for the Query Output and open the results in a new window. 


  1. Then use CTL-F to search for EO_VIEW_ALL_ATT_DX’ in the views. If you find this in any of the query results, you will need to address this issue. 


  1. Repeat these instructions for the other 3 views, replacing the bold text with the next view name