1. Open the attached Crystal Report and run it - this will create the datasource connection needed to run successfully from a Biotics server.
  2. Open the custom report provided. 
  3. Change the Datasource (Database menu, Set Datasource Location) in the custom report to the Current Connection, according to the Update existing Crystal Reports to Connect to the Biotics 5 Database help topic.
    1. Select the Biotics5 link under Current Connection rather than creating a new connection.
    2. If fields are identified which do not match (most likely CLOB fields such as EO_DATA, GEN_DESC, DIRECTIONS), just continue. The process will remove the fields from the report. Add them back once the Database Source has been updated. 
  4. Run the custom report to verify it is successful.
  5. Save the report and copy it to the Biotics server within the C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\catalina_base\cr_templates directory.