This process enables NatureServe to clone (the Observation, QC, and paged version) surveys and related materials (dashboards, maps, apps) from the NatureServe AGOL Organization to yours. This is accomplished via a script written by Esri, updated by NatureServe. In order to do so, NatureServe needs credentials for a user (be it a temporary user or user whose password will subsequently be changed) with Create & Publish privileges.

Once the materials have been cloned, the 3 Dashboards are edited to reflect the new survey form ids, as defined within the new AGOL Organization. 

Finally, the materials are shared with your Organization or specific user Group. At that point, NatureServe does not need further access to the AGOL Organization, so the user can be deleted or the password changed. Someone within the new Organization, with privileges to the survey, will then need to share the surveys to the appropriate AGOL Groups/Members/Everyone, as appropriate.

What's the alternative? The alternative is for you to create 3 surveys from the Excel templates and publish them, develop the 3 Dashboards, a Web Mapping App, and a Map, all according to the detailed instructions within the Observations_V14.docx, which is found within the file.

Still have questions or reservations? Watch the recording of Whitney performing and explaining the process.

Great, sign me up! I want to avoid all of the work of creating the survey, map, dashboards and app! What do I do next?

  1. Submit a ticket to the Biotics Help Desk either by logging in, creating a ticket and specifying Survey123 as the Component, or just by emailing
  2. In the ticket/email, provide the URL of your ArcGIS Online Organization, as displayed once you log in to AGOL, similar to that shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Also, provide the credentials (username & password) for an AGOL user in your AGOL Organization that has Create & Publish privileges.

Once the survey, dashboards, etc. have been cloned by NatureServe into your AGOL Organization, watch the Post cloning of the Observations survey - need to know webinar.