The ability to autogenerate specimen labels from the Observations survey required additional fields be added to the survey and the Observations Toolbox be modified. During discussions of this with attendees of a webinar, it was suggested that fields regarding Identification should also be included. If you had previously created the survey and would like to incorporate the ability to autogenerate specimen labels, you will need to add the fields highlighted in yellow, as shown in the attached spreadsheet. To do so:

  1. Open Survey123 Connect. If NatureServe cloned the survey to your organization’s ArcGIS Online account and you have never opened Survey123 Connect before:
    1. Log into ArcGIS Online and navigate to the Survey-Observations_v1.4 folder.
    2. From the menu options associated with the Observations_v1.4 Form, select Edit in Survey123 Connect.
  2. Within Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, open the Observations survey and click XLSForm to edit the spreadsheet.
  3. Insert lines where the new lines should go.

  4. Copy the lines from the attached spreadsheet
  5. Paste Values into the appropriate lines
  6. Test the survey
  7. Once the changes have been tested and verified, Publish the changes:

Should you have any questions regarding this, please submit a ticket to the Biotics Help Desk by emailing