The Biotics 5 backup files are available for your download from Accellion.  According to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), backup files are maintained and available to you for two weeks.  If you would like to maintain backup files for a greater time period, it is your responsibility to download them from Accellion in order to do so.  The link to your secure workspace on Accellion is e-mailed directly to your program's Point of Contact, as identified within the Points of Contact solution.

Alternatively, see the Solution regarding Automating download of nightly Biotics 5 backups.

  1. Within the e-mail received, click the link to the Secure Workspace or Workspace Link, as shown below.

  2. Within the Accellion website, enter your E-mail address and temporary Password, as identified within the e-mail received.  Login.

  3. You'll then proceed to the Update Password webpage where you will need to create a new password.  Update Password.

  4. After changing your password, within the File Manager webpage, select the desired file by checking the box and click Download.

  5. Continue to the Utilizing Biotics 5 backups  solution for further instructions.