When opening the map viewer, it seems to hang; Map Resources will be unresponsive and the other tool icons are grayed out .  Eventually an error similar to the one shown below will appear.


An Administrator has configured a map service within the Map Library.  Google Chrome's security treats insecure map services differently than other browsers.  The result is that it may appear that the map viewer is not working.


Chrome opens a very subtle shield icon, shown in the screenshot below, when attempting to add a map service to the map.  At first glance the user may mistake this for the map viewer not working properly when it's actually due to the way the browser treats insecure map services.

To load the map service, click the shield which displays a second message to which you should select Load unsafe script.

In the subsequent Confirm Reload dialog, choose to Reload this Page.  This will reload the map viewer page in a mode that allows mixed content to be used.  This has the unfortunate side effect of losing any changes implemented in the map viewer (i.e. shapefiles loaded, layers added, etc.), however, the Map Resources and other tools are now available for use.