Updated August 2, 2018

If you accidentally delete an Element Occurrence, you can recover your data from the deleted schema and insert it back into the source schema.

The attached zip file contains TWO documents:
1. Instructions for performing the restore.
2. A script which is used during a step in the instructions to restore the tabular data from the deleted schema to the source schema.

The attached instructions assume the following scenario:
You have deleted the entire EO as well as its associated EO and Source Features from the Map.

The procedures are designed to restore one EO at a time, and will restore multiple source features if the EO had multiple source features before it was deleted. Make sure to read through the instructions carefully before executing, and we also recommend reading through the script to make sure that you understand the steps that are run with the script.

If for some reason, your spatial features still exist and you only need to restore the tabular data, the SCRIPT will need to be altered a bit. Since procedures do not exist yet for this particular scenario, please submit an issue to the Biotics 5 Help Desk if you would like help making the appropriate alterations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see Solution Procedure to remove data from deleted schema which have been restored to the regular schema to delete the restored EO data from the deleted schema after you have recovered it. This is important because during data exchange NatureServe receives both your deleted are "live" records. The deleted EO may block import of the "real" EO into Exchanger and thus lead us to believe that the record should be deleted in Central Biotics.