We are now scheduling the Central to Local bulk loads, the first phase of Biotics 5 data exchange. As a preliminary step we have assigned each program to a priority level (pilot, high+, high, and medium, low) for scheduling. This was based on the length of time since your last full data exchange and other known needs.

We now need feedback from you on both the preliminary priority currently assigned to you and, more importantly, what month(s) would work for your program between this March and the end of the calendar year. The earliest available time slot is likely to be March because the three pilots, MN, NE, and YT are already scheduled prior to that.

The bulk load itself will take between 3 days - 1 week. However, programs will need to dedicate time to the preparation queries, attending an overview webinar, and, during the actual process meeting with NatureServe staff to review the bulk load reports.

At the start we expect to complete at least 4 per month but expect to see the pace accelerate as we have more completed exchanges under our belt. We will keep you updated on those numbers as we progress.

Please provide this initial feedback by submitting a ticket through the Help Desk. Use the ticket subject title “XX - DX roll out schedule comments” substituting your state/provincial abbreviation for XX and include your comments on the priority assigned to you and your preferred month(s). Please respond by Friday, January 22nd.  We will regularly revise and re-post the spreadsheet as we receive your comments and as we have a better sense of the pace of the process.