The attached zip file includes:

  • DX_Instructions_nonBiotics_spatial.docx: instructions for preparing spatial data for data exchange by non-Biotics programs. This file references the following file...
  • BulkLoadPrepToolboxREADME_NS.docx: instructions for installing and running the NatureServe version of the Bulk Load Prep Toolbox, which has been customized for use by non-Biotics programs.
  • BulkLoadPrepToolbox_arc.pyt: python script for use in ArcGIS to run the Bulk Load Prep Toolbox via a user-friendly interface
  • BulkLoadPrepToolbox_cmd.pyt: python script for use in DOS to run the Bulk Load Prep Toolbox which requires manually editing the script to reflect your specific data files. Not for the faint of heart.
  • geodatabase to be used by the Bulk Load Prep Toolbox, containing the "Existing ... Layer"s. These are empty data sets with the necessary formatting and reflect that none of the spatial data is currently in Biotics 5.
  • geodatabase with feature classes and tables configured with the fields and field types configured as necessary to import into Central Biotics.

Submit questions regarding the documentation and/or process to the Biotics 5 Help Desk by emailing with the subject line: non-Biotics spatial DX.