Heritage Program/CDC

Download zip file containing documentation and all necessary files. 

Request necessary files from NatureServe:

  1. Setup automation of downloads of nightly Biotics backups according to this solution. NOTE the Kiteworks folder location in Step 10 and provide to NatureServe in Step 4.
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, from the Project tab, select Python.
    • Copy the path to the arcgispro-py3, as highlighted in the screenshot below. Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated
  3. Email biotics@natureserve.orgrequesting ability to automate nightly Biotics backups. Provide:
    • path to Kiteworks folder from Step 1
    • path to the arcgispro-py3 from Step 2


  1. Update Publish_backups_batch_file.py:
    1. program - line 20
    2. arcpy.env.workspace according to Kiteworks folder path - line 21
  2. Update Publish_Biotics_Backups.bat with user's path to arcgispro-py3