Via Map Resources, upon adding a map service via URL nothing happens - the Add Resource dialog remains open and the map service is not added to the Map Resources dialog.  Eventually and error such as the following is displayed:


Google Chrome's security treats insecure map services differently than other browsers.  The result is that it may appear that the map viewer is not working.


Chrome opens a very subtle shield icon, shown in the screenshot below, when attempting to add a map service to the map. At first glance the user may mistake this for the map viewer not working properly when it's the actually due to the way the browser treats insecure map services.

To load the map service, the user must first click the shield, which displays a second message to which they must select Load unsafe script.

In the subsequent Confirm Reload dialog, choose to Reload this Page.  This will reload the map viewer page in a mode that allows mixed content to be used. This has the unfortunate side effect of clearing out what has been previously done in the map viewer, so the map service will need to be added again.

This time the map service is added, but the URL bar shows a warning that the page contains insecure content. This warning continues to be present if the user navigates away from the map viewer to other pages or open up the full record pages in new windows.

The browser only performs these behaviors for the first map service that's added insecurely, and the warning message will indicate what needs to be done.  No further warnings or prompts will be given upon adding subsequent insecure map services.