Current service details

  • Service Fee and Payment Terms 

Annual service fee payments are due on commencement of the Hosted Service and at the beginning of each annual service term thereafter. Hosted Service payments are non-refundable, and no credits are issued in the event that the Client terminates their service during the annual term. NatureServe reserves the right to modify the annual service fee, upon 90 days advance notification to the Client. Current annual fee for Biotics 5.

  • Service Health Dashboard
Link to Service Health Dashboard for current status on  Biotics 5 hosted services.

  • System Requirements

The Client requires an Internet connection with adequate bandwidth and an Internet browser to access hosted services covered by this agreement.  

List of current browser options and required browser tools.

  • Backup Schedule 

Information on Biotic 5 backup schedule and where authorized users can access and download backups for local use.

  • Emergency Source Code Recovery

In the event that NatureServe cannot fulfill provision of its Hosted Services, Clients who have satisfied their annual service fee payments may download a copy of the latest complete release of the application source code and system documentation at Atlassian Bitbucket cloud-based code repository. Username and password credentials for accessing the source code and documentation repository are updated annually, maintained in the NatureServe’s Board of Directors Resource Handbook, and can be obtained by contacting any current member of NatureServe’s Board of Directors